Free Pumpkin Patterns!



Orange and Black Pumpkins is a pumpkin pattern database featuring over 100 original stencil designs by Randy Sabourin.

Users can download, print, and get creative with every pattern on the site. I encourage the sharing of my artwork, but do not condone the selling of it by others.

My goal is to keep making great pumpkin patterns that are accessible to everyone free of charge. If you enjoy my patterns and support my goal, you can make a donation of your choosing and/or spread the word about the site to show your support.

Please leave feedback and send me suggestions for upcoming patterns. Send me photos of your carvings and I will display them in the Gallery.

Bookmark the site, subscribe to the email updates, or get involved on Facebook and Twitter to catch new patterns that are added year round. This is all for fun, so grab a pumpkin and carve with me!

It’s a magical tradition, lighting a jack-o-lantern, stepping back, and seeing the design come to life before your eyes…